Oil and Gas

With a reputation for manufacturing high integrity, quality castings, Bonds supplies a wide range of products to the oil and gas industry including pump casings, precision-engineered impellers, valves and compressor casings.

Over the past three decades Bonds has built up extensive expertise manufacturing bespoke engineered castings for the oil and gas sector capable of meeting high performance demands and pressure-retaining standards.

Using our specialist, ceramic EcoShaw process, we produce fine definition, small steel castings – like impellers – accurate to 0.25 mm. At the other end of the scale, we produce single castings up to 12,000 kg in weight.




We hold approval to manufacture from multiple authorities and have qualifying test records for the Norsok M-650 standard in various grades of duplex steel.

Our relationships in the industry extend directly to oil and gas exploration and production companies, such as Saudi Aramco, Statoil and ExxonMobil. This enables us to respond quickly to the changing demands of the industry.

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