Bonds Precision Castings

Bonds Precision Castings uses a specialist ceramic moulding process to manufacture high integrity alloy steel castings from 0.1 – 70kg.

Facts and Figures

Castings 1 - 70kg
Founded 1947
Staff 75
Quality ISO 9001:2015
NORSOK M-650 Edition 4
Exxon Mobil

Our innovative manufacturing process, Shaw Process, produces castings with high definition and accuracy superior to that of traditional sand casting. Machining allowances can also be reduced.

We manufacture in a range of Fe-based and Ni-based steel castings. Internal process parts, such as impellers and diffusers, are made in exotic grades of steel and nickel alloys to enhance product life and resist cracking, pitting and stress corrosion.


Bonds Precision Castings is a leading supplier to the global pump industry. We manufacture a range of castings, including impellers, diffusers, bowls and channel rings.

For shorter delivery times, ask about our fast-track process for small batches of castings. With a worldwide customer base, of which 70% are located outside the UK, we routinely dispatch castings all over the world.



We’re committed to delivering the best quality possible. We operate a quality management system certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 by a UKAS approved certification body, Det Norske Veritas certification.

We have NORSOK qualifying test records in duplex steel.

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