Bonds Foundry

Bonds Foundry manufactures castings in the lower to mid-weight range of 50 – 2,500kg.

Our purpose-built facility incorporates the latest equipment to efficiently create high quality steel castings. We can cast products in all grades of materials from carbon through to super duplex, complex austenitic alloys and nickel alloys. Our chemically-bonded sand technology system helps give our castings a superior surface finish.

Facts and Figures

Castings 50 - 2,500kg
Founded 1868
Staff 82
Quality ISO 9001:2015
Based over 10 acres, (40,500m2) the Bonds Foundry site also houses our central pattern management service for all of our foundries. With 300m2 of pattern manufacturing and 5650m2 of pattern storage, we ensure our customers’ tooling is professionally stored, distributed and maintained. We also have an in-house machining shop to take care of boring and proof-machining of castings up to 70 kg.


Iso 9001 2008

We use digital spectrometry and proven processes to assure the intrinsic quality of our castings.

We hold DNV ISO 9001:2015 certification. We also work in accordance with a wide range of internationally recognised standards and specifications. Find out more about quality.


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