Bonds Stronger in Europe

May 2016

Bonds’ Chairman, Paul Duncan, is calling for its employees and all its fellow Northerners to vote to remain in Europe for the sake of local jobs.

Ahead of next month’s critical referendum vote, Mr. Duncan is meeting all 240 employees from across the Bonds group of steel foundries – with operations in Crook, Tow Law, Alston and Sheffield – to share his views on the importance of remaining in the European market to the future of the business. He is also distributing the information flyer.

Paul Duncan said: ‘Bonds is highly dependent on exports, as is much of the northeast, with more than 25% of our turnover generated by our European customers.

‘If the UK were to leave the EU now it would jeopardise those key trading relationships and our European competitors would definitely take advantage of the uncertainty such a decision would generate.


‘Bonds Foundry has been trading for almost 150 years and in that time we have faced fundamental industry challenges, most recently the downturn of the oil and gas sector which has severely impacted us. The market is tough enough without further obstacles to trade being put in our way.

‘I genuinely believe that this is the most critical decision we will face in our lifetime and if we do not remain in Europe, the UK and our business will certainly suffer. That is why, over the coming weeks, I am taking the time to speak to all employees as well as encouraging my fellow Northerners to vote to remain in the European Union. A vote to leave the EU will be a vote against Bonds, its employees and the country.’

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