Management Board

Paul Duncan

Paul is the majority shareholder and Chairman of Bonds. With an MBA, Paul had a career reaching senior positions for large international engineering companies including NEI Parsons and ABB. Originally from County Durham, Paul lived in Europe and Southeast Asia prior to returning to the northeast and acquiring engineering businesses.

Jon Blackett

Jon holds overall commercial and financial responsibilities for the group. He has a business degree and diverse experience working in engineering, manufacturing and service sectors in the northeast. From the northeast. 

Andrew Shaw

Andrew has responsibility for Bonds Foundry. With more than 25 years in the industry, he is one of the most experienced steel foundrymen in the northeast having worked his way up the organisation. From County Durham. 

Mark McCarthy

Mark is responsible for Bonds Heavy Castings. He holds a degree in engineering and a Fellowship in Manufacturing Management. Prior to joining Bonds, Mark held senior positions in SSE and Dundee Energy Recycling Limited.

Trevor Machin

Trevor is the Group Technical Director responsible for research and development. With a degree and professional qualifications in metallurgy, he is responsible for the technical, quality and inspection functions across the group.  He has extensive experience in the UK foundry sector and counts the invention of a new grade of steel as an achievement.  From Yorkshire.  

Mike Best

Mike has overall responsibility for Bonds Precision Castings and Darwins. He has extensive foundry experience having worked at four sand foundries across the UK ultimately becoming the MD of a foundry specialising in nickel chrome before joining Bonds. 

Melissa Duncan

Melissa handles all marketing communication and media relations across the group. She has an MBA and was Head of Communications at Traidcraft plc having previously held the same position at WHSmith plc.  She is a board member and the Treasurer of Fairtrade International (FLO eV), having served as Vice Chairman and a trustee of the Fairtrade Foundation for six years. American.

Mick Temple

Mick is a non-executive director. As a Chemical Eng his early career was spent in the oil and gas industry before joining BAA and becoming the MD of BAA Heathrow and a BAA board member until its acquisition by Ferrovial. A Member of the Faculty of Sustainability Leadership at the University of Cambridge, he also served on the Maitland Review panel reviewing the UK offshore oil and gas regime following the Deepwater Horizon incident. Originally from Durham.

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