Environmental Impact

The products we make are essential to the operations of critical industries such as oil and gas, power and construction.

Although foundries are generally thought to have an adverse effect on the environment were it not for us manufacturing castings here in the UK, these would likely be manufactured overseas in developing economy settings under much less stringent environmental conditions.

To minimise our environmental impact we regularly renew and upgrade our facilities and equipment. We recycle scrap steel; at Bonds Foundry and Bonds Heavy Castings we have sand reclamation systems which allows us to re-use foundry sand several times. At Bonds Precision Castings we use the ECOShaw process – which saves on ceramic moulding materials – and we reclaim surplus heat from compressors. The company is also committed to the implementation of an environmental system that meets the requirements of ISO 14001:2004.

With the high cost of energy and with it being a major productive input we are extremely conscious of the efficiency of its use.  We participate in the Climate Change Levy rebate scheme which encourages investment in more energy efficient equipment as well as promoting process efficiency through the batching of jobs.

Read our Environmental Policies for each foundry below.

Bonds Foundry Environmental Policy
Bonds Precision Castings




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